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We are excited to create a unique experience with you. Thriving from a passion of design and creativity in the floral industry. Rustic Floral Boutique serves couples, families and professionals planning social events throughout the Twin Cities area and beyond.



Collection of

Our Plants

Prayer Plant 4

Prayer Plant 4"


The prayer plant is a common house plant and is known as a prayer plant due to its leaves in a prayer motion during the evening.

Peace Lily 4

Peace Lily 4"


The peace lily is a green plant with a unique white spathe in place of a flower.
Variegated English Ivy 4

Variegated English Ivy 4"


English Ivy is the most common climber of European forests.

Bring Home Vibrant Greenery

Enhance your space with the lush foliage of our 4-inch Maranta Prayer Plant, known for its striking patterns and low maintenance.